Nearly 4 Decades.

We're either very lucky or just that good.

we’ve been told both.

However, the responses are heavily skewed toward the good. Still, to flourish for nearly 4 decades in the highly competitive marketing industry, a little luck never hurts.

We’re fortunate to have attracted an outstanding staff of extraordinarily smart professionals. Fortunate, also, to have an equally outstanding roster of smart non-clients (learn more about our non-clients under that section). But, at the core of our successful longevity is our work. The digital revolution, the social revolution, the technology revolution and all the sub-revolutions, including the behavioral patterns of Gen-Xers, Millennials and Gen-Zs—all have changed our work over the decades. Yet, looking back, looking at today, and as we look ahead, all the work is ... extraordinarily good.

“At the core of our successful longevity is our work.”
in 1982...

Jim White was 26 years old, used an X-acto blade to cut border tape and a wax machine to paste- up his own ads. Brent Carroll punched out TV and radio creative on his Smith-Corona electric typewriter, careful to keep a full bottle of White Out handy.

Things changed over 4 decades...and we did too.

Things changed over 4 decades and we did too. Now, the agency works real-time, in cloud-based systems, using technology that moves at the speed and efficiencies of today. It makes us quick on our feet, youthful and fresh-thinking and VERY GOOD at what we do. Our non-clients like that.

"Quick, youthful & fresh thinking."
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